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It all started when…

Hydra Bar Salon was founded in Dec 2013. Our specialty is Hydrating our clients hair whether they are curly or straight. We are a multicultural salon. Our focus is healthy balanced hair. With our multicultural team we want to best for all Hair textures.

It is truly a pleasure to serve each and every one of you! We value and appreciate your business here at Hydra Bar. We look forward to having a lasting relationship with you and your hair!


The beginning of her hair career started when she was doing YouTube in college. Not knowing that is was going to lead to a career in the Beauty industry. Rhonda has always been fascinated with hair but her interest was really peaked when she decided to stop relaxing. Rhonda always desired and felt like she had curly hair but was told by her hairstylist at the time that it wasn’t possible. So Rhonda researched and experimented on herself and discovered that traditional haircare is not how we bring out our best curly texture. Rhonda is one of the first to practice no oils or butters for naturally curly hair despite popular belief. Rhonda has proven and has been making people believers over 8 years. Rhonda is proud to have trained other stylists her hydration technique leading them to successful careers. Rhonda’s true mission is to make everyone truly love what they have naturally. If you are going to love something you must know how to take care of it! Hair is such a big part of that whether we realize it or not. The greatest joy Rhonda has is when a client loves their hair and tell her how much she has changed their life by showing them her hydration technique. Spreading self love is her true passion. . In her career Rhonda has went on and co founded Hydra Hair Care with her cousin for her clients and anyone who desired to have proper hair care at home. Rhonda isn’t stopping there many new things to come but Hydra Bar is dear to her heart and is looking forward to sharing what Hydra Bar has in store.


We believe in Health first and Style second because without healthy hair there is No style