Rhonda is the Hydra Bar Owner and Founder of the Hydration Techniques used at Hydra Bar. Originally from North Carolina but trained in California but Loving Florida! Rhonda enjoys doing all textures of curly hair. Hydra Bar was founded December 3 2013. Rhonda worked at some wonderful salons but felt she was n’t being true to herself. Her passion was focusing on curly textures. “I think curly hair is so exotic.” “Anyone can be straight but let’s make your curls POP!” Although Rhonda loves the straight hair too curly has a special place in her heart! Rhonda had the same struggles as many other curly girls and guys have with her natural hair and wanted to wear her hair as it was truly meant to be…Curly.

Always being told that she doesn’t have that “kind of hair” Rhonda felt that it’s not about having that” kind of hair ” it’s about having your best hair. Rhonda proved to many with the proper hair care mostly “TRUE HYDRATION” your hair will be what you want it to be. Growing up, Rhonda always had a hard time finding someone who could deal with her hair. She felt hair should not be this difficult nor taking up this much of her time. Once Rhonda discovered how hydration plays a big part in our hair care she found her hair to be quite easy to work with. “There’s more to life than just hair. With my simple techniques, willingness to learn, and patience you will be on your way to easier hair too.”

These techniques work on all curly textures. I ask that you give it 3 months you will see a difference for sure. I invite you to try and give your hair the Hydration it’s been missing! Book Now with myself or any of my stylist that I personally trained.




Your curls are beautiful to wear them proudly! Working as a naturally curly specialist has been rewarding, taking one curl at time! I love that my career has given me the opportunity to express my side of artistic design while making women feel beautiful and confident in what they are given naturally. No matter if your wavy, kinky curly, coils, or even if you believe you have no curl just a natural fro, I can teach you the beauty behind each texture. As a fellow 4c girl, I can definitely relate to the struggles dealing with “Untameable Hair”. On the bright side, ladies it gets better! Trust me. At the end of the day our curly locks are what we’ve been blessed with, so let’s embrace them! Whether you want to customize it with a popping color or maybe a jazzy haircut, that’s cool. Just let it be you!




My name is Judith Michel. I’m from Haiti. I was doing all types of extensions for a quite while but I have fell in love with doing natural hair.

I used to prefer wear extensions more than my natural because I couldn’t find a technique that works for me. Now that I find the technique, I want to share it with the world. I want to help more people feel confident wearing their natural hair. I love my job because through it I’m able to make people discover the beauty behind their curls and embrace it. It makes me so happy when are sitting on my chair, looking at their hair with excitement and joy because they never thought that their hair could be that beautiful. To all my fellow natural hair people, your hair is BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE. All you need is a little lesson and I’m here to help you with that!

“”Ayisyen mwen yo, Mwen pale Kreyòl””




I am Lary Medina, I was born in the Dominican Republic. Since childhood I always liked everything related to beauty and fashion, my dolls never had hair because I made different cuts. Since I was 13 years old I started in the world of hair with my mother, I was always her assistant in the salon but at the young age of 17 I decide to study Marketing at the university. Over the years I realized that being behind a desk is not my thing, I enjoy being a hair stylist and now more, since I have the necessary knowledge to help people who are starting on your journey of curly hair.

I love being curly hair specialists because I like to help people feel beautiful as they are without needing to use strong chemicals. The most rewarding thing for me is when a customer smiles at the mirror, because they feel beautiful, happy and loves what they see and what they are.