We are a full service salon. Therefore, we do not break up our services meaning you MUST get a completed style. Please keep in mind we have some prices listed on some services but noted next to it states "and up".

Due to our tight schedule we do not generally take kids under 13 but you may call to check if they are under 13 to see if we could service she or he. Thank you.

1st time Hydration Lesson - $160 AND UP
This is for 1st timers or clients who needs a refresher. This includes consultation, talking you through the steps of curl n defining and of course our hydration technique which will be a very valuable lesson in your hair care journey. We will explain, educate, show you step by step our process of hydrating. This service is the cornerstone to getting started with your hydration. We will show you how awesome your hair really is in its natural state. We take your natural texture and mold it into beautiful defined curls without rollers, braiding, or twisting. Candidates for this service are those who have even the slightest curl, coil, or wave pattern when hair is wet.
Reocurring Curl n Define - $90 AND UP

Do not book if you are a 1st timer you will be disappointed and will not get the full experience of learning how to better care for your hair.  This is a quick service for clients who have already been here or for our loyal clients. The “Curl n Define” is our signature service. 

Smoothing Treatment - $250 AND UP
If you’re still straightening your hair or don't have a strong curl or wave pattern, this Smoothing treatment will help. It's a treatment that slightly loosens your curl pattern so you can wear a curly or straight adds a smooth look. This is NOT a permanent straightening treatment. Hair can be worn straight or curly. Ideally for clients who are natural and wants to wear hair straight without getting a relaxer, or for clients who wants to loosen or smooth their curly hair to get more elongation or manageability. It's a temporary process, which will allow your hair to revert back to its natural state completely after about 14 -16 weeks.
Smoothing Treatment with Curl n Define - $335 AND UP

Combining the best of both world.  Get instance balance of protein and moisture therefore giving your smooth, shiny, hydrated defined curls. See smoothing treatment and curlndefine description.

Hydra Press - $145 AND UP
We want you to have your cake and eat it too, so we also offer healthy straightening options. Curly girls can wear their hair straight with the proper hydration! With the Boost it allows the straightened hair to maintain even through humidity. Your hair also gets a nice surprise when washed out since the Boost makes the hair softer and slightly elongated. This treatment is temporary and only last for up to 3 shampoos. We include the Hydra Steam and trim with this service because straight hair with dull, dry, and frizzy split ends is a big NO-NO! For additional hydration we can flat iron with our steam iron leaving your straighten hair extra smooth and hydrated
Reoccurring Women's Trim plus Curl n Define - $135 AND UP
Not idea for new clients. No lesson is included due to not having the timing for it. However great for reoccurring clients who need a trim and CurlnDefine
Reoccurring Color Touch up and Curl n Define - $140 AND UP
Reoccurring service. Just to cover grays or just coloring roots less than an inch with curl n define. No lesson included
Reoccurring Hydra Steam with Curl n Define - Price Varies
Moisturizing conditioning cocktail under the steamer. The steamer opens the cuticle of the hair shaft allowing water and conditioning agents in the shaft of the hair.
Consultation - $30
15 minute consultation - $30 will be applied to your services at the time of consultation, non refundable but will be applied to your service if you decide to book. No consultations on Saturday's.


We love color! It really enhances your curly and straightened locks. Color takes your hair from "you have pretty hair" to "I LOVE YOUR HAIR."

We offer:

• Color Touch ups

• Cellophane Rinses

• Color Corrections - Requires Consultation

• Customize Colors - Requires Consultation

• Full Highlights

• Partial Highlights and more...

Color prices differ according to how much hair you have and if we have to do color correcting. Please note some color services require consultation in advance to ensure we have the right products to properly color your hair.


Hydra Steam - $25

This treatment consists of a mixture of moisturizing conditioners, which are applied to hair and infused by placing client under the steamer.  It allows the hair to collect additional hydration.

Hydra-Shot- $15

This is a quick deep conditioning treatment.  You will sit no more that 3 mins with the treatment, but will feel the difference in your hair.  We offer both a protein and moisture shot.  We will advise of the best option for your hair.

You will sit 3-5 mins alone but can be combined with the Hydra Steam treatment for maximum hydration and balance for $40.