How to achieve 2nd day hair

In order to achieve great second day hair, the first step is to make sure you did not rush through doing your hair. When initially doing your hair, be sure to take you time and do it right. By doing your hair properly, you will be better able to achieve great second day curls.

Here at Hydra-Bar Salon we recommend that if you have shorter hair, you should do mini ponytails at night in order to preserve your curls for the next day. If your hair is longer, try doing the “pineapple” at night. Individuals with longer hair can also do a low ponytail if they do not want as much volume. When pineappling be sure to use a ponytail holder that does not have metal fixtures on it.

In addition to securing your hair into mini ponytails or a “pineapple,” we suggest tying your edges down with a satin or silk scarf. This will help keep your edges laid and prepped for the next day. The reason we suggest a satin or silk scarf as opposed to a cotton hair tie is because satin and silk are better for maintaining hair moisture levels through the night. Cotton hair ties, on the other hand, will dry out your hair.
As a substitute for, or in addition to, tying up your hair at night, sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase can also help with moisture retention.

Here at Hydra-Bar Salon we suggest that our clients minimize the use of oil on their hair when trying to achieve multiple day hair. Oils tend to make the hair look old faster. In addition to minimizing oil usage, we suggest refraining from spraying your hair with water to refresh it in the morning. Water actually breaks down the products that are holding your curls together quicker.

Don’t freak out after you take down your hair in the morning and it looks a little uneven. Remember that gravity must set in. All you need to do is shake and organize your curls in the morning. There is no need to spray water or add oil to your hair.

Let yourself shine through!

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