Have you really embraced your curly you?

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How long have you been natural? What is your regimen with your hair? These are a couple of the questions we ask our clients when starting a consultation with them. What I found to be very interesting is the number of women who have been natural for years and still have not truly embraced being NATURAL. Maybe I should be a bit more clear with what I mean. I was amazed at the fact that many women while making a conscious decision to go natural, rather it be because relaxers were harming them or they just felt that it was a healthier alternative, are not wearing their natural hair.

Generally speaking, as women have grown wiser to some of the effects that relaxing could intel, they have made wiser choices to give their hair a better chance of survival through natural restoration. However, wearing their hair has become less than a thought and to some not even an option. As I contemplate more on this, I’m wondering what is it that makes women lean to styles that either cover up or disguise the hair that they were born with. Leaning more to weaves both sewn or glued in, braids or twists alike or some other form of what most people consider protective styles. While I have nothing against any of these preferences it just baffles me the woman who NEVER wear their natural hair.

Seeing how prevalent this is leads me back to my topic question, “HAVE YOU REALLY EMBRACED YOUR CURLY YOU?” Are you ashamed or embarrassed about the hair that you were born with? Are you afraid of what other people will think? Do you think that your alternative choices compliment you better? Do you feel “unpretty”? Do you feel like less of a women? Have you looked in the mirror and seen something other than beauty?

For the women who have embraced their beautiful curly hair good for you. For all the women who are still struggling with not knowing where to begin, there is a solution. The solution first starts with looking in your mirror with just you and your natural. This means taking off the layers of mask that keeps your beautiful curls from shining through. Educate yourself on what it would take to make your curls healthy, hydrated and full of life. Truly embracing your curls will take work and much dedication but you have to know you are worth it. After all this is one of the very things that you were blessed with that no one else can mock or replicate. Just like everything else that belongs to you, your curls are unique and all its own. Unquestionably, embracing what you have not only sets a standard, but shows the younger generations that our curls are beautiful beyond measure.

“Beauty is about enhancing what you have. LET YOURSELF SHINE THROUGH!” Janelle Monae

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