Don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist questions


At a recent visit to a hair convention, the Hydra-Bar team found out that some stylists are finding new ways to chemically relax their natural clients hair by calling these relaxers “conditioning treatments.” Clients come in thinking they are getting a hair conditioning treatment, but this treatment is basically chemical relaxers.

Be sure to ask your stylist if the treatments they will be putting in your hair contain any strong chemicals that can completely alter your texture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because you have the right to know what’s going on with your hair.

Here are some examples of how to tell if your hair might be getting relaxed or texturized by your stylist:

– Strong smell from the conditioning treatment.
– If the conditioning treatment is only applied to the roots.
– If you feel a burning or a tingling sensation once the treatment is applied to your hair. (Please note that it is not always the case that you will feel anything with these types of treatments. )
– If the treatment is done before shampooing.
– If the treatment gets shampooed out.

How to look for the right stylist for you:
– Look at how the hairstylist wears his or her own hair.  Nine times out of 10, how they wear their own hair is a good indication of the hair they specialize in doing.
– Listen to and ask them questions on their thoughts about hair.
– Look at their client’s hair.
– Find out if they go to a lot of trainings or classes. Going to a lot of trainings/classes could be an indication that your stylist stays up to date on the latest hair trends and practices.
Most importantly, everyone should always do their own research to make sure they are going to the stylist that will provide them with what they are looking for.

Let yourself shine through!

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